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chrisVisual Content is the breakout trend of the year, thanks to the rise of various social media platforms where visual is their prime source of content (Instagram-Pinterest-Vine etc…..). The Power of Visual Content explains how companies and brands can develop a strategic visual marketing strategy as an extension of their overall marketing and social media plans. Visual content is a great way to communicate with people and sends out the message quicker than any other way.
In this very busy world where people only spend time reading material if it’s of their interest, with visual content you can definitely attract many more eyeballs than just standard text.

 Key benefits of Visual Content:

  • —Increases Engagement
  • —-Increases Brand Awareness
  • —Increases Website Traffic
  • —A Lead Generation
  • —SEO Benefits

Here are some vital statistics of Visual Content:

  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text
  • 40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text.
  • Posts with videos attract 3 times more inbound links than plain text posts.
These are just few statistics to highlight the importance and need for visual content, now let’s look at the power of visual content as per their social platforms.

1. Power of Instagram: 200 Million users and growing daily!

Instagram has gone from a self platform to a storytelling platform. Now that it has video, Instagram is in direct competition with Vine. The 15-second option creates a space for a more in-depth sharing experience, the tap-to-focus feature allows artistic expression, the classic Instagram filters give mood-setting options, and the one-play instead of loop style provides a more consumer-friendly viewing experience. With the new video option, the social media community is becoming more than just a picture-sharing network and has taken the storytelling of visual content to another level.

2. Power of YouTube: More than 1 Billion Unique Users,Yes only a billion!

YouTube is evolving from a video-based site to a channels-based site where subscriptions rule. With the new One Channel layout, you’re branding will work across all screens, you can turn non-subscribers into loyal fans, and you can show off more of your video content. You can even integrate it with other platforms like Pinterest,twitter and Facebook. Remember Youtube is owned by Google and I can assure you its in your agencies best SEO interest to be using YouTube.

3. Power of Vine: 40+ Million users

The Twitter-owned video-sharing application Vine has revolutionized the way brands connect with their audiences, allowing them to talk directly to the people who matter most. By creating 6 seconds worth of videos and then showcasing it to their audiences to increase engagement and interaction. With the constant increase of Vine’s popularity (and the recent implementation of Instagram videos) now is the time for brands to jump on the video-bandwagon. These video clips appeal to audiences with short attention spans, providing information to their potential and existing fans in a more innovative and personal manner.

4. Power of Pinterest: 70+ Million users

Pinterest is a virtual pin-board where you can organize and share images and videos you discover on the web. Pinterest is mainly dominated with women users, it’s an important tip for marketers who carter products for women to leverage this platform. There are a number of other clear reasons as to why brands should be using Pinterest: brand awareness, brand equity and ultimately customer retention. Yet the defining factor that should sway brands into using Pinterest is its e-commerce and sales potential. Pinterest is one powerful sales tool that every agency should be using on a daily basis.

5. Power of Integration

Instagram, Pinterest, Vine and YouTube they all are visual content platforms. But other social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are platforms which have flexibility of what sort of content to be shared. Thus to make it more appealing there should integration of these channels with visual content when sharing posts and should be a mix of text+ Images+ Video. So it makes it complete, attracts audiences and gains their attention. So brands should mix their content bucket well and be ready to bedazzle their audience.

Visual content is certainly trendy, seeing the meteoric rise in use of visuals in forms of Videos, images and Info-graphics. Yet the need for content that appeals on a visual level and presents information in a more engaging format than text goes far beyond. Thus now as a brand to up the ante you need to provide information, engage audiences and later convert them with the help of visual content as a part of their strategy. It is time now marketers make visual content a part of their social media marketing strategies to stand out.With all this talk about visual remember a balanced attack is still the most successful strategy so SEO,Contentand SMO still all play a huge role in your agencies marketing strategy. The real power is in your balance attack.