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Untitled Infographic (2)Does your insurance agency have
a mobile app?

If the answer is yes, then you’re in good shape. For those of you who haven’t quite implemented a mobile app for your customers, now is the time. With the advances we are making with technology, everyone is in a faster pace of living, and all of our wants and needs have become mobile ready. Insurance should be the same way; it should be convenient and easy for your customers to to get in touch with your agency, whenever they may end up needing it.

Convenience Your Customers

Your customers come first, always. Let’s show them we care.

The thing that distinguishes us as Independent Insurance Agents is the customer experience we can give our clients. With a captive agency, often times the customer doesn’t get personalized experience they are looking, and insurance can very quickly become a complicated mess that they don’t fully understand. We need to empower our customers, in whatever ways we can. A mobile app does just that, by putting the power of your agency into the palm of their hands, and not only that, but they can take it anywhere.

When you open up our app, the first thing you see is our agency’s contact information. If our customers need to reach out to us, via phone or email, they can do so at any time right through our app. Not only that, but our customers can also pay their bills through our app, and even have an electronic insurance card on the go, just in case they didn’t have their information on them. They can even store their property and valuables into the apps with pictures to file into their policy, in case anything were to ever break or be misplaced.

Now, here’s a feature that’s worth mentioning; as agents, we work to keep people protected, and our app has helped us push the envelope. Our app helps our customers through emergency situations. If the situation is severe enough, we have a button to call 9-1-1 immediately, and also walk our customers through accident processes. We even take it a step further by allowing our customers to fully document their accidents with pictures and/or text notes, file the claim, and send it right to their agent’s desk. That is power, because everything is done immediately and efficiently, in a way that’s both easy and convenient for the customer. That’s what I call technology.

Benefits for Insurance Agents

It’s a two-way street, and that’s how insurance should be.

Your customers come first, of course, but there are benefits to having an app for you as the agent as well. With all of these people on your app, you can manage your users. Everyone that signs up provides you with their contact information, including their phone number and primary email, which can be advantageous for reaching out to your prospects. Not only that, but you can view who does and does not download your app, and even see who is using it on a regular basis. You can also send push notifications for your apps users through your dashboard as an app administrator. We use these very sparingly, with only a few push notifications a year for our critical messages that we want a wide audience to see. If we went overboard, people may turn of our notifications or even delete the app, and that’s counter productive. Having an app gives you real metrics, and where you can measure, you can improve on your success.

The Future is Now

Technology is changing every day, are you prepared?

So you don’t have a mobile app quite yet, but are you looking to get the ball rolling? Don’t worry, we know just the guys you need to talk to. To create our app, we went through a service called “Go Insurance Agent.” Their service allows you to put your company’s name, logo, and information into their app, to create an interface that is specialized to your agency for your customers’ convenience. To get started with Go Insurance Agent, you check them out online here, or reach out to their owner, Matt Aaron, by sending him an email at

Technology is always moving, and we as Insurance Agents need to keep up with the pace. Having a mobile marketing app will help you connect to your customers, and at the end of the day, help you keep your customers loyal, and get repeat sales.