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The Right Strategy for Your Agency

    • What are we trying to accomplish with our agency’s visual content?
    • Who is our agency’s audience, and what content do they crave from us?

  • What problems does our agency have to solve?


    • How can our agency best position our brand and create a consistent look and feel for our clients/prospects?

  • What is our clearly defined vision of who we are as an agency and what makes us (our agency) unique?


    • How can we communicate those messages in a compelling way?
  • What metrics will we use to measure our agency’s success (consult with a content marketing specialist such as Eddy DeMelo)? For which terms should this image appear in search engine results (best to consult your SEO specialist)? Are you measuring the right metrics?

    These are great questions but do not be afraid to ask for help.

    The Right Design for your Agency

    • Is this content worthy of creating a visual? Does this content help your agency’s brand? Does this content bring value to your agency’s brand or image? Answer before you create it.
    • What graphics or designs/visuals appeal to our target audience (you must know who your targeted audience first) and resonate enough to be highly shared?

    • Do the visuals we create adhere to our agency’s brand or the agency’s identity?

  • How can we provide useful solutions to our audience along with helpful tips through the visuals?


  • What do we actually want people to do with this visual content? What is our end goal? What action do we want our audience to take with this content? Should we include a call to action if that’s important to our agency’s goals? A ‘call to action’ plan is very important to your agency’s ROI, and without it, a positive ROI can be hard to come by.

  • Are you nurturing your visual? How about graphic skill sets so your agency’s brand remains competitive and relevant in the visual content space?

    If NOT, Why? You must keep a human side to your visuals and how we do this is by hiring the right photographer and Graphic designer. They have both played a major role in our agency’s visual content success.

    Asking these questions will help you focus your agency’s visual strategy in order to achieve the best results possible.