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Back in 2009 our agency started using YouTube videos as a means of internet marketing. The key point of utilizing YouTube videos is chiefly due to the fact that Google owns YouTube and I personally feel that this makes a significant difference with our SEO.  Several weeks ago I was out in North Carolina teaching social media to insurance agents and I proposed this question: “are you creating YouTube videos?” The answer is pretty much the same no matter what part of the country I was in.- “why and what for?” Well, I strongly believe that it’s a great tool because, like I previously said, it’s owned by Google, but furthermore, it’s 100% FREE, and it’s the best way to keep our prospects and clients attention.

YouTube: Sharing Your Identity

YouTube videos are great way to share the agency’s identity. For example, here at Paradiso insurance we create a video on June 14th, otherwise known as Flag Day. We then embed that into our system and digitally market it to all of our prospects and/or clients. It’s amazing what a video can do to prospects to help them understand what your agency is all about. The video is a great way to keep people’s attention because in today’s world people really want a quick video rather than taking time out to sit down and read.

YouTube: Co-Branding


Another way you can use video is for co- branding videos with your business insurance clients. It’s a great way to help them understand that as an insurance agency, our job is to protect them and also to become a trusted advisor. My commercial clients usually become closer to us because they see the true value in what we are trying to accomplish with these video-to help them grow their business. YouTube videos are a very inexpensive way of marketing and I say that because the average cost is about $18 per video. A great tool that can be used for creating videos is a tool called is a piece of technology which allows you to create less than 30 second videos for free, along with music that you are allowed to use with those videos. If you choose to create longer videos, you can purchase their program for $250 a year and create a video without time constraints. YouTube a very powerful tool, and if you use it properly and learn how to properly tag your keywords within your videos, you can really help your agency grow through this tool.