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Well, Paradiso Insurance finally did it! Our agency, that has been embracing social media consistently for the past four years has finally won the award from the PIA National for Social Media Excellence.  When we received the phone call, happy wasn’t the word.  However, the true award doesn’t necessarily come from the trophy; it comes from the results.


1)  Our Agency Is Growing


 It seems that companies and small businesses focus on all the hype surrounding social media and less on the actual benefits it can bring when done right.  Our agency has always used social media to be transparent, communication channel and another way to constantly make contact with our clients.  With those benefits, we have seen our retention and new growth rise year by year.  

2) We Don’t Follow The Mold

Too many marketing professionals and business owners read various articles and think that is the only way to use social media.  


Understanding the frame of social media sites is essential.  After that, utilizing it which best suits you is your responsibility.  Our agency has never fit the mold; however, our customers understand our brand and identity and therefore, realize that we are not robots.  We are utilizing the tools to our liking.

3) We Are Happily Married To Our Marketing.

We’ve never given up.  We never started and stopped.  We realized that small wins and big wins were part of the process and when they did come, we had to keep going.  There is no autopilot, there is not time for getting discouraged.  As long as one customer benefitted from our social media marketing, we were satisfied.  What ended up happening?  Many of our clients benefitted from it.  It did take time however, but we NEVER stopped.

For the PIA National to honor us with such an award was truly icing on the cake.  Our work, our effort and our time finally being recognized is a wonderful experience.  Social media has been and always will be crucial for our agency.  Our success with it has been the foundation to starting Paradiso Presents. We hope that all agencies, regardless of size, realize this: 

It’s never too late to start!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have voted for us!