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           Tip number 1: Your insurance agency should be blogging Monday through Friday. We should be blogging every day of the week because content is what your agency needs in order to be found on Google. Google loves great content, so don’t blog just to blog. Construct and write your blogs with a purpose and a strategy, while always maintaining consistency. Inconsistency is what will drive your followers away from your site and its blog.

        Tip number 2:  Work on reviews every single day. Make sure to have a strategy in place when asking for reviews because most people have no idea where to go on your site to write a review if it isn’t specifically located on your homepage. I would highly recommend putting a review area in your website and have your staff email that link to your clients, which in turn will allow them to easily access the site to write a review.

        Tip number 3: You should be tracking how your prospects are coming in to your agency. This is sometimes a tedious job but it’s critical in helping improve your marketing efforts.  It will help you understand what is working in your marketing strategy and what is not, allowing you to improve on your strengths and save time by avoiding what’s not working in your marketing strategy. For example, when a client or prospect calls and inform you that they discovered you through Google, don’t stop there! Ask them what they typed in to the search bar that led them to your website because those are keywords that you can incorporate into your marketing strategy (like your blogs) that will certainly help your bottom line.

These three marketing tips should not be ignored. On a daily basis they should be front and center in every teammate’s mind within your agency. Let’s not settle for being average, let’s prove that the McKinsey report is wrong because it’s saying that there is going to be a demise of the independent insurance agency in the future. And I can assure you with these three tips, moving into 2014 will change that report to say that the independent agency has taken back market share.