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In recent times, LinkedIn has become a one stop solution for connecting professionals, putting your name and brand in front of your marketplace, and even making new connections to qualified job candidates, new employers, or potential clients. With access to all of these types of connections right at our fingertips, shouldn’t we be making ourselves as approachable and professional as possible so we can command a strong presence in our niche? Follow our LinkedIn tips to keep your profile sharp and you will be able to represent your company and brand in a professional manner.

LinkedIn Tip #1: Look The Part

    First off, let’s take a look at your profile picture, because it’s the first thing someone is going to take a look at when they visit your LinkedIn profile. If you don’t already have a profile picture, then the first step is to get one, and dress in business formal or casual attire. If your business or industry isn’t quite as formal, feel free to dress in whatever way is appropriate. Unless you work for the company that created the Selfie Stick, try and avoid the “selfie look,” especially if it’s in the mirror –  it’s unprofessional. Also, try to have proper lighting in your picture so you don’t come across as dark or dreary.hrow a smile on, too, so that you’ll be seen as a someone who is approachable and relatable. Make sure that you use a recent photo, as well..

LinkedIn Tip #2: Avoid Typos

This should sound elementary, but try not to have any typos on your profile. You can use a web browser that has a built in spell-check, such as Firefox or Google Chrome, as an extra precaution here while building your profile.

LinkedIn Tip #3: Titles Matter

Some people don’t always have a detailed or eye-catching title. If you saw the titles “Insurance Agent” and “Independent Insurance Agent Providing Solutions Nationwide,” who do you think you’d be more inclined to reach out to? Play up on your strengths, but never stretch the truth. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to building your LinkedIn profile, because if you’re caught fibbing on your profile, it will give your business a bad reputation.

LinkedIn Tip #4: Leverage Groups

Try to connect to groups that specialize in your market or niche.  By joining LinkedIn groups, you will directly connect yourself to professionals in your space, and be able to collaborate on project ideas or strategies, seek professional advice, or get more exposure for your brand. Not only that, you may be able to catch wind of important industry related events that you could benefit from, such as conferences, seminars, and other networking events. With over two million groups on LinkedIn, there’s bound to be a few that will be great places for you to network.

If you follow these tips, people will likely follow you, and you can become a leader in your market on LinkedIn in no time. The rest is  up to you!