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As many of us already know, Twitter is one of the fastest pace social media platforms currently available. Tweets, on most people’s Twitter feeds, only have seconds to live. Yes, seconds. With that being said, it should be plain to see that Twitter is a go-to platform for providing your network with updates during live events. Many of you know that I do traveling and speaking engagements to teach Independent Insurance Agency Owners and Insurance Marketers about our marketing strategies at Paradiso Insurance. Although, if you haven’t followed the Paradiso Presents Twitter, then you may not have realized that during these events, I love to “live tweet,” or post fresh content as it’s happening to the Twitter world. Today, I wanted to give you some of our best tips on live tweeting for you to embrace for your own Twitter profile, because whether you’re attending or hosting an event, it’s a great way to keep provide your network with up-to-the-minute information.


Build your Network Before Going In

Before your event even takes place, it’s time to get prepared. Usually, event information is available online. Take this time before your event to look up any Keynote Speakers, special attendees, or big names that are expected to attend the event. By giving them a follow prior to the event, you’ll be able to see any updates they post live, which will give you content to retweet. Not to mention, if you’re lucky enough, they’ll give you a follow back!


Make an Announcement

Yes, it’s okay to shamelessly self plug every once in awhile. Before the event happens, you should take the time to go on your favorite social media platforms and announce that you will be not only attending, but also live tweeting the event. If you’re making a post to Twitter, perfect, you’re all set. If you’re using another social media platform such as LinkedIn or Facebook, be sure to include a link to your Twitter profile in your post. Make sure that you engage your network though by keeping your post exciting and hyped up, and you can even go out of your way to tag certain close friends that will especially appreciate your updates.


Automation Can Save You

Do you have a conference or session coming up that you simply cannot miss? If it’s going to demand a lot of your attention, look at a Social Media automation service, such as Hootsuite or Buffer. These platforms allow you to schedule your social media posts to go out in advance, and they include free plans as well as paid-for premium plans. If you’re looking to get some content scheduled in advance so that you can still be “live” with your network, this is a great solution for those moments when you’ll be preoccupied at your event.


Visual Content is KING

Yes, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; visual content is king when it comes to social media marketing. This is especially true in the world of Twitter, because as I mentioned earlier, most tweets only have seconds to live on a newsfeed before they get shifted downward by the rest of the content overload in this network. It’s important to include visuals in your posts because they are more stimulating, and can grab your audience’s attention regardless of the fast pace. If you’re at an event, it’s easy to include a visual… just take a picture of what you’re attending!


Tags and Mentions

We brought this up briefly earlier on in this article, but tagging and mentioning folks in your network is a great way to get more visibility on your tweets. If you know a few select people that will appreciate your posts about the event, be sure to give them a tag. An example of this is that I receive numerous questions about our insurance agency’s digital marketing strategy to my inbox on a regular basis. If I notice that someone had asked me about email marketing, for instance, in one of my emails, then when it comes time to discuss email marketing at a live event, I’ll be sure to give them a tag in my live tweet. Engaging on conversations about the event are critical, because it shows you’re in the now. Be sure to ask for tags and mentions from members of your network that you run into at the event, and return the favor for them when it’s appropriate.


Going Viral

If you’re lucky enough, your tweets can really take off in the digital world, but there are ways to help them get more visibility. While you’re at an event, often times event hosts will encourage you to use their “event hashtag” while tweeting. An example of this is that last year, I had sent my full-time marketer up to INBOUND in Boston, which was a marketing conference extravaganza that was full of marketing content from many different speakers. This event was huge, and so was the attendance. That being said, the organizers asked all of their attendees to use the hashtag #INBOUND15 while posting about the event, and it was a great way to keep all of their attendees connected in the social world. If you have the opportunity to use an event hashtag, always make use of it. Other than that, keep your tweets funny, informative, and/or entertaining for your network, this way you’ll have a greater chance of getting retweeted, and more people will see your content.

Well, I hope these tips have helped you with tweeting live at any events you host or attend. Regardless, I hope agents and brokers everywhere have seen the power of Twitter and are making use of it daily in their agencies. If you haven’t already gotten started on Twitter, I would encourage you to check out our article, Twitter for the #IndependentAgent. Other than that, Happy Marketing folks, and we’ll see you at one of our upcoming events!