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Want to create a Video response when sending a proposal or quote?  (You should!)

Finally, there’s an easy way to send a Video Quote/Proposal with this awesome tool!

The Problem

Have you ever attempted to guide a client, line-by-line, through a policy quote or renewal over the phone? Without having your client in the room with you, it can be a real burden trying to cover all of the fine details of a policy with them.

The Solution

Loom, a browser extension for Chrome, can help to alleviate some of those communication boundaries by enabling you to instantly send video messages to those you’re reviewing policies with. In just a few clicks, you can record everything on your screen, and when you’re done, the video file renders immediately — (not like slow video uploads to YouTube)  

You can even elect to include webcam footage of yourself, to more personally connect with your clients and prospects. Every insurance agency can benefit from using a tool like Loom to record video proposals or responses to quotes.

Check out the Video demo below made using Loom from Mike Demko from My Insurance Videos:



Mike mentions in the video – that Loom is  “next to free.”    When signing up for Loom, be sure to “refer a friend” that way your videos will never expire.  (If you don’t, they’ll disappear after 24hrs)  


About the Author

Mike Demko

This post was a guest publication by Mike Demko of MyInsuranceVideos.

To get your agency started with video marketing today, give Mike a call at 858.461.1075.