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images (14)Most insurance agents don’t know about the social avenue called Vine. Vine is a video-based social media avenue owned by Twitter. As we all know, Twitter is a tool that we must be using for multiple reasons, with the chief reason being search engine optimization. Vine is a social avenue that allows users to make six second videos that runs on a continuous loop. Now, you’re probably thinking why should you use Vine, so I’m going to give you five great reasons why your agency should be creating Vine videos.

1–Vine is an amazing way to create a brand for your agency. I personally feel that Vine is all about the brand.

2—Most salespeople say that an impression is created within the first six seconds of meeting someone. Well Vine is a six second video clip that will help create a great first impression for your agency.

3– It’s a social media tool that is very easy to use, so it doesn’t take a lot of work or effort. It does take creativity though, which is crucial to having a successful Vine video.

4— It’s an amazing social media avenue to help your prospects and/or clients understand your agency’s identity. I personally feel your agency’s identity is the most critical in all social media avenues because it allows you to be different from every other agency.

5— As I said earlier, Twitter owns Vine so your agency should be using Vine for search engine optimization.

I hope I’ve given you enough evidence and clarification to help you realize that Vine is a social media outlet that you should think about including in your agency’s social media strategy. Many people think Vine may be here today and gone tomorrow, and that could very well be true. But in the meantime, we shouldn’t simply stand around and ignore a social media tool that has been created by Twitter. In today’s world, SEO is one of the most powerful things we should be doing for our insurance agency’s online image. Remember, SEO will help your agency get discovered on Google. At the end of the day, if we are not found online, what good is it to have a website? Our website needs to be profitable and without SEO, your agency’s website will not be profitable.