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2012 is filled with much gratitude and pride as Paradiso Presents continues to make waves in the insurance industry with its marketing techniques for agencies struggling in todays technology shift.  Here are some latest reviews from our Paradiso Presents Social Marketing Seminars.



Thank you so much for your hospitality this week. I appreciate the attention to detail in making us feel at home.  The information and speakers were extrodinary.  There is so much to consider and explore. I have pages of notes to digest and then implement! I am so glad that you invited us and cant wait to get started! Fondly- Valerie Webster.


I have been to two of Chris‘s workshops, we always walk away with a lot of new information that we can use as soon as we get back to our office. This past workshop in Hartford CT was no different from the past ones, full of great  social marketing ideas and insights into how social media is changing. This meeting Ryan Hanleywas a presenter, Ryan is an exciting young insurance agent who shared with us the amazing work he is doing with social media. …

Chris also had the Great Eric Hall from Rough Notes as a presenter, his presentation was insightful and informative into Rough Notes, their history and where they see our industry heading, and and how they are coping with all the changes that social media is presenting them John Fear was a presenter also, John always has great “real world” ideas on how to train and hold our staff accountable for their actions, and how to measure what is  is working and what is not. Thanks Chris, for your time and dedication to putting these workshops on. -Carlos Vargas
Hi Chris, this was our second time to your meetings,  Eric Hall and Ryan Hanley and John Fear were awesome! We always come away with lots of great new marketing ideas and super energized!  Thank You!