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by Kate Pisciotta


The other day, after a quick dinner, I headed to Starbucks drive through for a grande bold to go.  Seeing that my love was behind me in his car, I ordered him his favorite cup and told the barista to charge me for it.  When I got up to the window to pay, I asked him to if he would tell my boyfriend that “Kate loves you” when he got his cup of coffee.  The barista did one thing better: He took the time to write it on his cup….and not just anywhere; on the top, so when he took his first sip, he would see my message.  Of course, he went one further and told him too.  I noticed the barista smiling thinking it was cute, knowing it was important to me. Case in point: He went above and beyond.

People Watching- Starbucks, Los Angeles

When I lived in Los Angeles, I would go to Starbucks every morning when I had the chance and found that my most enjoyable time was when I could sit down for more than 5 minutes and people watch. People watching was fun, especially in Starbucks. For another few reasons, Starbucks in my opinion, has branded themselves in a way that is beyond brilliant. It exudes loyalty, stands for people and top-notch quality.

Get over the fact that it costs slightly more than your Dunkin cup.  Ask yourself this: do you ever find yourself paying a little more for better service?

Do you ever find yourself  Facebook checking into “this restaurant” versus a Subway or McDonald’s?


 The People I Watched- Starbucks, Anywhere USA

First, would be the suit and tie folk that would enter Starbucks.  They would be either on their phone or typing of some sort, clearly busy and already starting their day.  They buy their Starbucks cup, and I think to myself “they could pick any cup of coffee, and they picked it here.”  Validation #1

Then, the young aspiring artist (writer) would come in; thick rimmed black glasses, converse shoes older than my car and jeans with enough rips to wonder why they even wore them and for what purpose.  Those are the people who buy a cup of coffee, refill several times and use the store to do their brainstorming and work.  They find this place to be the best, most comfortable area for their current paths reaching future goals.

Starbucks caters to all java lovers with all sorts of needs and wants.  They’ve even created the most hip swag for youth and the older generation who, regardless of what they say, subconsciously bought that mug because they want everyone to know, they endorse Starbucks.


Brilliance In A Cup


Whether you are the person who too, drinks Starbucks, or maybe the one who purposely doesn’t drink it so no one can think you are a “poser” or someone who just goes with the trend, Starbucks has done what every single company wants: walking advertisements, loyalty and relationship.  Whats the difference between Starbucks and your agency? NOTHING!!! You want your clients to feel as though they receive your service because you are the best and the most sought after.  You want your clients to “show you off” and feel as though they are receiving the elite insurance, from the elite company.


So I say, stop hating on Starbucks.  Stop ignoring the fact that they are one of the most well branded companies in the world.  Turn your agency into a “Generation Starbucks” where regardless of age, income, or any other differentiating factor, your agency and your brand, is the one that people are proud to utilize every single day.