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 What makes Pinterest so much different than all the other social media sites we feel the need to join?  Its simple.  Instead of marketing with primarily words first, you’ll be expressing yourself through pictures and video.

Remember how you used to have that tac board in your room or apartment where you would add postcards, pictures or invitations? well Pinterest isn’t far from that same idea.  Once you sign up, you can make different “boards” which you can then organize and categorize different pictures or videos to “pin” to the “boards”.  Make sense?

Once you get the hang of it, its fun and actually quite addictive.  Now you ask, how can an agency benefit?

Its all about building common ground with your potential client.  Sales are not about pushing price and product anymore.  There are agencies within a mile radius that sell the same product! Now, its about relationship building, trust building and simply put, who the customer trusts and feels comfortable with.

We aren’t telling you to make a board with EVERYTHING on it.  We are suggesting showing yourself, your interests, ideas and favorites with others.  You will see that building a rapport and foundation with your customers this way is just as effective if not more than some of the ways you market y