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As an agency owner who loves marketing, I wanted to take a few minutes and give you my reasoning behind why I feel visual content marketing is King. I’m sure there will be a lot of emails that come to me disputing my theory, but that’s okay because we all have a difference of opinions.

Today, let’s discuss how visuals build an emotional experience. Images and colors can generate particular types of emotion in different people depending on their personality. There is one major key that I would like you to remember though- these people may forget what you have said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

Social media continues to grow and continues to help small businesses compete against large businesses. And as such, social media has become a much more visual world. Just look at the explosion in popularity of sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and Vine. This alone is clear evidence that visual content has become the go to place for sharing information on social media. Moreover, great visuals can also help drive users to your website and blogs.

visual3So now is the time to discuss why visual content marketing is King.

—-Visuals build an emotional experience. Images along with color generate particular types of emotions allowing for individual personalities to rise to the surface.

— Storytelling. Images, along with videos, are special because they have a narrative thread. Tell a story, and it will help your brand communicate who you are, what you are, and what value you bring.

— Visuals support your agency’s identity. In most cases, the design language helps identify your agency’s brand, values, and its unique personality. What’s critical is your agency’s logo, colors, typography, symbols, and imagery style.

— Visuals allow you to share your personality. By creating amazing visual content with your agency’s brand at the helm, you start to stand out from all the other insurance agencies. This also allows you to be different and provides the opportunity to speak the language of the people you’re looking for.

— Our brains like images. 93% of communication is nonverbal, and individuals process visuals 60 times faster than text… and we only remember 20% of what we read.

— Visuals simplify data. Data visualization can be very valuable in today’s marketing strategy. It allows us to communicate large amounts of information clearly and quickly, therefore helping our audience understand our agency’s point of view.

— Visual content marketing provide a better overall experience. It is said that articles with amazing images and great visual content get 94% more total views than an article without any images at all. It is also said that with the right visual content you are more likely to have your content shared three times as much as an article or content with no visuals.

—- Visuals allow you and your agency room to play. Visuals allow you to animate, mix mediums, add music, and experiment with color.

—- Visuals allow you to inspire. Infographics, photos, and videos perform great when they are designed to inspire in some way. It can also help give consumers new ways to see our agency’s brand to also help them participate in our agency’s identity or converse and share our identity and/or messages in the social world.

So with all this in mind, I stand here today telling you the most important aspect to your social media strategy is the importance of visuals. Visual Content is King and will remain king for some time because it is the way our brains operate. As your agency puts together a visual content marketing strategy, think about reaching out and talking to others in the insurance world that not only are having success in this realm, but also struggling as well, because together your experiences will help lead to a bigger and more profitable ROI in social media marketing.

I hope to hear from you soon Happy Marketing!