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leadershipWe need to Influence others because it’s what leaders do- there is no in-between. You either are a leader or you’re not.

Here are eight credos of influential leaders that will leave an indelible impression on everyone in your agency. People will follow great leaders, and it will allow your agency to grow from within.

1. Think before you speak. Words are like feathers in the wind. You can’t get them back, so before you speak, PLEASE remember to think. I personal find this very difficult to do, so in almost every situation, I walk away until I think about the whole situation, and then I sit down alone with the office manager to gather her thoughts and work out the issue.

2. Act on your words and do what you say. People need to understand that you follow up with action and are more than a bag of hot air. Remember, actions speak louder than words. Act like a LEADER and follow through with what you say.

3. Honor your frontline. This is so very important because they are the people who make an impression on clients and prospects. These people are VERY important to your agency’s success. Thank them!

4. Honor your frontline supervisors/ managers. These people don’t always get the credit they deserve.  They take a lot of slack, so remember to thank them for what they do. I find it helpful to take them out for lunch and thank them for the great job they are doing.

5. Celebrate anything and everything. I think most agencies over look this but I see a huge difference in our team when take the time out of our crazy week to celebrate the wins.

6. Laugh a lot. Without some fun, people will more than likely under- preform.  It’s great to create the right culture and laughter plays a huge role in that.

bgimage7. Encourage failure. Without failure, growth cannot flourish, which in turn leads to a lack of originality and value add proposition.

8. Celebrate imperfection. Why? Well because your sales people want the agency owners to understand that we all put our pants on one leg a time. We are all equal and no one is better than anyone else within the agency.

Without great leadership, our agencies cannot grow and they will fail to sell or close due to the competition that we face. Leadership plays a huge role in your agency’s marketing and sales efforts which in turn control the culture of your agency, so invest in becoming a better Leader. It’s the best investment you will make.