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On a normal day in our agency last year, we had a Veteran pass several other agencies along his journey to reach the doorsteps of our agency for one reason: our brand and identity was clearly expressed through our logo which included the POW MIA initials.  From that moment on, we realized that our community went beyond the town limits….it went far, far beyond.

If you have ever attended a Paradiso Presents seminar, You know that one of the main focuses is branding and identity within your community.  For independent agencies, taking your identity to your community can mean the difference between your agency and the other capable agencies down the street.  Better yet, it could mean the difference between you and some lizard or caveman.

Don’t Limit Your Community

Lets not be fooled by the word “community”.  Naturally, we assume community as the town we live in or county for that matter.  Before we seclude ourselves to reaching just those borders, lets take a different approach.

For our agency, our community consists of our clients, our town, but also things we stood by with conviction through our agency and personal life.  For our agency, our community consisted of Veterans, our men and women still serving, the buy American/ buy local attitude, and most importantly, those who love the red, white and blue.

Our community are those who believe in our country, who fought for our country, for the small business owners who exist in every town and those who are thankful.  You see, sometimes your community might reach farther than your phone, email, or hand.  However, community outreach is the one thing that everyone can relate to because all of us have communities we feel a part of everyday.

Sharing Is Contagious

If everyone celebrated and acknowledged their communities by bringing just a piece of them into our towns, families and group, our community outreach can be not only contagious, but incredible powerful.

We are grateful everyday for the Veteran and now client who chose us because he appreciated our community.  Our community is what we celebrate and acknowledge with great pride and support any way we can.

Our motto at our agency has always been “To Give To Keep”.  While our post isn’t going to spell out the next marketing idea for your agency to build growth, its apparent that sometimes, the things we genuinely care for and devote our energy too, often gives back when you don’t expect it.

Community starts with you and grows amongst everyone who is willing to share in your convictions.


What community does your agencies belong to?