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by: Kate Pisciotta

I get so frustrated with companies when they tell me how hard it is to be creative when marketing their product or service…REALLY?!?! Because Insurance is such a sexy and interesting topic, right?? NO. Not even close.

With that said however, we do understand that we have the ability to make insurance fun, more understandable and not such a dreaded topic for individuals and families.  The problem is that many people look at a policy with that glazed over look, not knowing anything they just read.  As a marketing director for an independent agency, I have found that one of our greatest achievements was and still is our daily blogs, written from the standpoint and understanding of the client who is not familiarized with any part of insurance.  Our content is designed for the potential customer, so she or he realizes that it is our responsibility and honor to help them understand coverages, types of insurance and policies and what insurance is needed for them.

So while Insurance is simply selling a piece of paper (in generic terms) Our goal is to help everyone realize the importance of this paper (coverage), how to save money, but most importantly, look out for customer!

Part of being an independent insurance agency is working for our shareholders…our customers!  We have seen that since we’ve offered our information, customers have a new outlook on our products and their approach from start to finish is a much more pleasant one.



Remember, when you start marketing for an agency or business, it is key to understanding your audience and potential future customers! Just because you understand what you are writing and putting out there, doesn’t necessarily mean they will! Social Marketing is about the connection and building of relationships. With anything sales, break down the barriers, understand your customers and make the experience enjoyable and painless!