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With over 1 billion unique visitors each month, YouTube is a platform that every insurance agency should consider as part of their marketing strategy. After all, most people would much rather watch an informative video on your agency, your staff, and your services than read a lengthy sales letter using boring insurance jargon.

Not only is YouTube a great promotional tool for your agency, but you can also leverage it to create trust, authority and recognition by creating an agency channel. Let’s talk about a few ways to do so:

Showcase Your Agency and its Services 

Many successful agencies are using video marketing as their primary strategy to introduce customers to their agency staff and explain the services that they offer.  Your agency should be producing informative videos on such topics as classic car insurance, umbrella insurance, cyber liability, etc.  You can also produce webinars about safety in your business or videos wishing your clients and prospects a Happy Thanksgiving, Veterans Day, or Flag Day.  There are many different ways to showcase what you and your agency offer and what you stand for.

A great example of this is our Veterans Day video. We use this video to push out from our email marketing tool, along with a social media strategy to allow others to understand what Paradiso Insurance stands for. YouTube is an amazing tool to use for your agency’s branding! Make your videos short and hit your audience with the right music. Here is our Veterans Day video.

Demonstrate Your Expertise

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet today, standing only behind its parent company, Google.  Yes, Google owns YouTube and most of the internet world too!  Every day, millions of users search for answers to their questions and problems. This presents a great opportunity to build authority for your agency and reach your target audience by offering expertise in the form of short videos with advice and tips. But keep your expertise to a specific area, you can’t be all things to everyone.  This could backfire on you and your agency.

Give a Behind the Scenes Look

Why not give your current and potential customers a behind-the-scenes look at how your agency runs and who your agency teammates are?   Not only is this an effective way to build trust with those interested in your agency, but it’s also a great way to show how hard your agency works for its clients. You could feature an interview with the head of the agency, introduce your staff/teammates and show off your agency’s culture. YouTube will allow you to be transparent with your prospects and clients if you give them a behind the scenes look.

Customer Testimonials

Another way to build trust and authority for your agency is by uploading videos of customer testimonials to YouTube. Showcasing positive recommendations and reviews from past customers has proven to be a successful strategy. When people hear from their peers they will be more willing to buy insurance from you.   A positive testimonial can make the purchase decision easier and can help to reinforce that they’re being served by an agency with a positive track record. Testimonials work and they have a lot of power.  So put your marketing staff on the task of creating videos of your clients talking about your agency!

Creating Video 

Always a question that is asked to me is “Who do you hire to do your videos?” and/or “How much does it cost?”   These are both great questions, so let me answer them.  If you are a beginner and have a very limited understanding of how to create videos, you should start by going to  Here you can create 30 second videos with music for FREE.  Yes, I said FREE! If you want to create longer videos, the subscription is only $250 a year.  I promise you, making videos with this tool is very, very easy.   My six year old twins created a video!  You simply follow the very basic instructions and within 10 to 15 minutes your video will be done.