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Here are simple 7 YouTube optimization tips to benefit of your insurance agency.

Give your agency a face

As every business owner knows, brand awareness is important. Every independent insurance agency owner needs to see the importance and value of their brand. You want your YouTube channel to be memorable because people have to be able to recall your content. Here is a great example from a fellow insurance agent who takes marketing in the Youtube world to a whole new level: 

Let’s remember Vern Fonk’s audience and see why this type of YouTube marketing is so effective. You should also change your appearance settings and the background color to match your company colours. Also, add a logo wherever possible (ours is usually added to the bottom right side of each video) to become easily recognisable on YouTube and all online social platforms. YouTube is the second largest used search engine, only next to Google, and let’s remember, Google actually owns YouTube.

Drive prospects to your agency’s website

The point of social media marketing is to drive prospects to your insurance agency’s website. It certainly doesn’t stop there though, and the next step is once they get there is to convert them into clients.  The only way that happens is by increasing your website’s traffic. The content you present to your audience should be engaging enough for them to want to move on and visit your insurance agency’s website. Within the first minute of your video, make it clear to the viewer why they need your service and your insurance agency’s products. If a viewer understands what your  agency is offering and why it benefits them, it is much more likely that they will visit your website.

Direct Agency link

youtubeIt’s very important that people know how to find your agency once they’ve viewed your YouTube video, so please give them the link to your agency’s website along with your phone number, address, and your email address. Make it easy for prospects to find you. A quick easy step we do here at Paradiso Insurance is include the link to our agency’s website in the description field below the video. The absolute last thing you want to happen is that they search for your agency and end up on one of your competitor’s websites.

Tip of the day: please don’t link back to your insurance agency’s homepage all the time. You should change it up. If your video is about business insurance, then link back to your landing page on business insurance, and so on.

Setting up your Youtube account   

Yes this goes without saying – when you set up your insurance agency’s YouTube account, include all of your contact information, such as email address, business address, phone number and make sure to include your website address too. This will help prospective clients see that your agency is legit. But, the other key factor is it helps assist you appear in search results. The reason this is because Google favors clear, concise web pages. It may seem small and insignificant, but I promise you it will increase your insurance agency’s visibility.

Tip two of the day is to make sure your business name, along with your address, phone number, and email address is used consistently across all online sites.

Description field matters

The description field is a place for optimized content to increase rankings. Yes, it matters to the SEO world. As we mentioned earlier, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. So with that being said, make sure the description beneath your agency’s video has keyword optimized content because it’s all about getting your video in front of the right people. Think about making your description unique. Also include primary keywords in the first sentence.

Focus on not advertising

If you want to advertise on YouTube, you can pay via AdWords and have your advertisement promoted. YouTube viewers are not looking to be spammed or to be sold, they are looking to be entertained and informed. However, when you’re uploading your agency videos via your own YouTube channel, stick to content that is entertaining and informative rather than putting it into the category of advertising.

You can and should be fun and educational with your content. Since you have invested the time, energy, and money into making videos to lure people to your agency YouTube page, make sure the content on your page is light and informative don’t talk over their head. This will increase the chance of them interacting (shares, comments, likes).The more share and likes and comments you get, the better your ROI will be.

Get optimized

Your insurance agency’s video needs to be discovered among the billions and billions of other videos already out there. How do you get discovered? It’s all about the keywords. Keywords are your best bet for optimizing your video content in the YouTube world. Make sure everything under the SEO umbrella is taken care of and that is why our agency has an SEO specialist assist in this. Ensure your title includes all industry relevant terms as well as the word ‘video’ or ‘clip.’ Use the YouTube tag tool to create specific, search-friendly tags for your clip. I would highly recommend you consult with an SEO specialist before spending the time and energy in creating video.

I can only hope that these 7 YouTube optimization tips will help your insurance agency. Lets remember, use YouTube as a social network to grow your agency and help it grow in a big way! Yes, the content will require energy and effort to create, but your reach is exponential if you optimize the video correctly. Here’s wishing you all the best in your video content marketing strategy!