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maketing Chris’s recent article Growing Your Marketing Savvy In The Digital Age was featured in Rough Notes. It features 5 steps you can use to grow your agency using social media.

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Why Owning your own Website is so Important

By: Kelly Donahue-Piro President: Agency Performance Partners Co-Founder: Agency Appeal   There are some very simple and low cost ways to put up a website.  Before determining what website company may be right for you there are a few questions that you can ask....

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The Hands Free Digital World

Consumers and prospects continue to be switching towards a hands-free digital world… yes, hands free. The world has gone digital and hands free. Almost all (if not all) mobile devices are being released with the latest and greatest AI (artificial intelligence)...

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So you Think Brand Guides are Expensive?

So You Think Brand Guides Are Expensive? By: Kelly Donahue-Piro President: Agency Performance Partners Co-Founder: Agency Appeal     Have you considered creating a brand guide for your agency? But thought, “Well that should only be a couple hundred bucks...

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Join us in San Antonio this Coming January

Many people ask us for our digital marketing success secrets, and truth be told, we love sharing them! Are you looking to transform your agency from the ground up? Do you need ideas on how you can get traction in the digital world and online? And finally, are you...

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Promoting Your Agency

15 to 20 years ago, if you wanted to promote your insurance agency to a large audience (local or national), you probably used print, billboards, or direct mail send outs. Mailing marketing material was simple. As an insurance agent, all you had to do was send out as...

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Tracking Your Competition Online

  If your agency is invested in marketing online there is no doubt that tracking your local competition has to be top of your mind. Your local keywords are the easiest to rank for and it drives in great friendly and local business to you back door. Many times...

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Be the Last Agent Standing Volume 3

  We are very excited to announce that the third edition of our insurance marketing magazine, Be the Last Agent Standing, has finally gone to print! Additionally, digital orders are live on our website today! One huge step for your agency, but a leap for charity...

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1000 Strong for Journey Found

I stand with Journey Found, do you?  “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” - Scott Hamilton Having a younger sister is most likely one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I’ve learned a lot from her, and certainly I wouldn’t be the person I am...

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The Most Confusing Excuse for Not Having a Strong Website

The most confusing excuse that I have heard for not having a strong website is “we want to choose with whom we do business”.  While I certainly understand the value of writing profitable business and doing some front-end underwriting, I believe that this statement has...

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