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maketing Chris’s recent article Growing Your Marketing Savvy In The Digital Age was featured in Rough Notes. It features 5 steps you can use to grow your agency using social media.

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Paradiso Presents collects a variety of helpful resources for your agency to get started in regards to utilizing social media properly and effectively. We write a daily blog, in addition to highlighting other industry thought-leaders. This is your one-stop location for high-quality vetted insurance social media knowledge. And be sure to watch for our quarterly E-books as well!


Tracking Your Competition Online

  If your agency is invested in marketing online there is no doubt that tracking your local competition has to be top of your mind. Your local keywords are the easiest to rank for and it drives in great friendly and local business to you back door. Many times...

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Be the Last Agent Standing Volume 3

  We are very excited to announce that the third edition of our insurance marketing magazine, Be the Last Agent Standing, has finally gone to print! Additionally, digital orders are live on our website today! One huge step for your agency, but a leap for charity...

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1000 Strong for Journey Found

I stand with Journey Found, do you?  “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” - Scott Hamilton Having a younger sister is most likely one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I’ve learned a lot from her, and certainly I wouldn’t be the person I am...

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The Most Confusing Excuse for Not Having a Strong Website

The most confusing excuse that I have heard for not having a strong website is “we want to choose with whom we do business”.  While I certainly understand the value of writing profitable business and doing some front-end underwriting, I believe that this statement has...

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Market Access and Comparative Raters for Insurance Agents

PIA Market Access, available at, is a wholesale market access program that will help agents access over 50 nationwide and specialty personal and commercial lines markets from a number of admitted “A” or better-rated companies. Agents submitting...

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Insurance Past, Present, and Future

Embracing InsurTech is Wise   Part III - Insurance Future   “Why the hell would I want to get my insurance license?”   That was my first reaction when my dad suggested I get my producer licenses. While my family was filled with lawyers and landlords, no one was...

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The Future is Mobile

  A 2016 TechCrunch article predicted that there would be more than 4.8 billion people using a mobile phone by the end of the year. Not surprisingly, this turned out to be an underestimation. published an article almost one year to the day after...

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Need a C/L and P/L Comparative Rater for Your Agency?

PIA Market Access offers more than just market access. If you are an agent and you already have your own carrier appointments, you can join the PIA Market Access “Best of Both Worlds” Program. The Best of Both Worlds Program enables agents who are seeking a c/l and...

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