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Have you ever had that feeling? Ugg, it’s time to write another blog. I’m sick of writing about spring floods and ice dams. So what do you do? You avoid it like the plague. Maybe you think “But I’m not a great writer” or “How does this exactly help me sell more stuff?” So you either duck and hide from it or write something you aren’t particularly proud of.

Well ducking and hiding also means that you are ducking and hiding from Google finding your website. I don’t think anyone wants that. Putting together a particularly boring blog that even you don’t find interesting to read won’t help either.  See blogging is meant to brand you and your agency and to get people interested.  Sometimes we have such a low opinion about our blogs because we think “Why the heck would anyone want to read an insurance blog?” Right?

Well first of all stop blogging about insurance. No one, not even you, wants to read a blog about insurance. Instead start blogging about the items you insure. People love their stuff, the stuff you insure is so valuable to them it needs insurance! Think about it, if you work hard and buy a house, your mortgage payment takes up a big percentage of your budget and the trips to Home Depot and Lowes take up the rest.

So we just figured out the first way to make blogging a bit more enjoyable. But how can we drive a direct profit from blogging in the moment? One great tip is to interview local business owners. This allows you to give to get. You give the business owner exposure to your customers and you get to know them in the process. Do you think their current agent will do that? I love this model because you kill two birds with one stone! You write a blog and build a relationship!