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What is a director of first impression? Furthermore, how does it play a role in your insurance agency today? First, I’d like to define what a director of first impression is: it was a title created to acknowledge the front desk employee who plays a critical position in the public relations and marketing aspect of your business and agency. They’re the first person to interact with a client or prospect either face-to-face or over the telephone (or in some circumstances face-to-face through the Internet). The experience with the director of first impression reflects on the entire agency. We’ve all learned how important first impressions really are, and if we didn’t feel that they were important, we wouldn’t spend the amount of time preparing what we where for meetings or business functions that we may be attending. The funny thing is that the director of first impressions is a reference to an employee’s role or responsibility to our agency, and it’s sometimes considered to be more of a cost-cutting tool that will help other staff members become more productive. In some businesses, people use the director of first impressions for a prestigious sounding title, but to me, that’s not what the director of first impression is really all about. What it’s really about is the first impression of your business. Your agency must be viewed in the right manner and act professional, because, after all, we are in the insurance business. Many people think this is kind of funny, but here at my agency, I take very seriously the way we answer the phones and how we present ourselves when you first walk in the front door to our agency.

Our First Experience With A Director of First Impression

A very interesting story that I like to share with you about the director of first impressions and its power occurred a little over a week ago. I was out in Columbus, Ohio with the Paradiso Presents team doing a three-day workshop with the top agents of Motorists Insurance Group. When I first arrived to their home office, I was greeted by a young woman named DJ. DJ’s title was director of first impressions. DJ introduced herself to each and every one of us and everyone else who were being welcomed into the Motorist Insurance Group’s home office. She had a huge smile and stuck her hand out to introduce herself and welcomed us to the great city of Columbus. DJ did not stop there, however.  She made it a point that if there was anything we needed to please ask her and she would do her best to assist us. Before we went through the electronic gate, she asked all gentlemen to step aside and allow the women to enter first because at Motorists Insurance Group this is what we do we show respect. I found this to be very refreshing and special because Motorists Insurance Group believes in having the right person as a director of first impression. When my time in Columbus ended, I wanted to make it a point to thank DJ for being so welcoming and I made sure to say goodbye to her because I felt connected with Motorists Insurance Group from the second I walked in the door. I’m telling you this story because DJ had left such a great impression on me that by sharing this maybe you as an agency owner will spend the time and energy it takes to make sure the first impression director at your agency does as great job as DJ did in welcoming us.

Why It’s So Important

The first impression is so very critical and without time and energy spent in bettering your agency’s first impression, you could be losing prospects and clients, which equals dollars and cents to your bottom line. As I tell my staff every single day, make sure when you answer that phone and greet somebody, think about having a positive effect in their life because for those moments you can help that person change their attitude for that day, and the power behind that is incredible. I challenge you to make a difference in your staff’s attitude so that they can make a difference in your community.