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KellySocialIn recent years, agencies have been focused on process and procedures that drive efficiency. We have contracted with management systems, rating software, paperless systems and automated email marketing tools. Most of our investments have been focused on efficiency for our staff. While I do believe in agency efficiency, we cannot sacrifice the customer experience.

Ask yourself, what percentage of your process or system focuses on improving the client’s experience with your agency? In addition, what percentage of your time is spent training and educating your team on a defined client experience that makes you stand out from your competition? Many of the agencies I have connected with focus solely on the process and neglected the experience.

There are no shortage of places to purchase insurance, so your client experience has to be defined and executed by all. Some common areas to create your client experience include:

  • Weather Related Issues
  • New Client Sales Process
  • Renewal
  • New Purchases

I recommend you take the opportunity to think about your client experience and consider, “could it be improved?” If your agency is new to thinking this way, consider bringing in an outside party to asses your agency and help you craft the perfect agency experience.