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True Story

Recently, I worked with an agency that had the foundation and structure that any other business has to begin and continue a successful marketing campaign.  The three main components they had were:

  1. Brand and Identity: A clear and concise identity and brand.  The staff from top to bottom clearly understood the agency, what it stands for, who they are, what their community is and were all on the same page.
  2. The Drive and Understanding:  The agency had a set marketing team in place, with goals and aspirations but most importantly the DRIVE to succeed and a leader behind them.
  3. The Time and Manpower:  Regardless of what anyone tells you, time and team are essential when it comes to a marketing game plan.

The True Reality

Even with all of the characteristics and structure of a bright marketing future, this particular insurance team did one thing that many social media marketers do: They compromised good content, with easy content.  While the agency received a decent following (If we are counting numbers), their conversion rate of friends to clients was almost nothing.

The reality is this:  Just because you can consistently push content through the channels, doesn’t mean that you are psychologically affecting the audience enough to consider your agency in a switch.  Marketers are forgetting the idea of good, quality content that is parallel to the companies brand and identity, and mixing it up for quick easy content for a quick easy “like”.

While many people see a picture of a cute puppy and instantly like it, doesn’t mean that you have added the least bit of credibility to your agency.  However, you may write a post or post a picture with content regarding tips or safety procedures or even DIY items that don’t always get the like or share, but certainly capture the audience in a much better way for your agency down the road.

The truth is, YES, you need a level of engagement…otherwise you may fall out of view to many of your audience members.  However, this is where a true marketer needs to determine a new game plan where content can relate and capture the community without losing sight on why social media can be so beneficial in the marketing world.


Whether is be text, blog, picture, video, link or any other form of content, you need to strategically figure out WHAT content works best for your agency while also forming a level of engagement easily.  Easy right? no necessarily the case.  From this you should begin thinking about yourself as a consumer, and what surprises you about a brand you love and follow.  Begin to think from the consumer stand point to understand your audience properly.  Don’t get in the routine of pushing content for the sake of pushing content.  Think of each friend or audience on social media as an opportunity to create a relationship and possible partnership.  Offer your audience something they want and need!  People love content!  They just prefer content that caters to them.


So, what is it that you love about some of your favorite brands? What do they do that makes you follow them more?