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Anyone can be taught how to do something, but true success lies within the people who can do something to the fullest. People who master a skill know that skill not only as an action, but as a concept. Now, let’s relate this to content marketing. If you already know where and when to be posting on your social media platforms, you already have some great basic knowledge. However, the icing on the cake lies in the content, the “what”. Knowing what type of content is going to captivate and engage your customers is going to be the fuel for your social media marketing strategy.

Figure it out- Set aside time with your marketing team and discuss ideas. Brainstorm words that truly describe your business, and make sure you can back up those words. Talk about what makes you different from the rest and why people should choose you over your competitors. Discuss common values and interests within your business and why these things are important to you. Doing this will create a mutual, basic understanding, which brings us to the next step…

Understand- Be sure that you and your marketing team are all on one page so you all hold a very similar vision when it comes to portraying your business. This is especially important when working with more than one marketing person. You want consistent content, in terms of time and aesthetics. With consistency comes value, and of course you want your audience to value you!

Experiment- You’re not going to nail everything on the head on your first try, so experiment to see what’s going to work best. Analyze the feedback you’re getting for certain posts, and which posts are seeing more engagement. Once you have that identified you can focus and improve upon it. Also, if you’re going to experiment you must be fearless. Let things get a little silly, or out of the ordinary, this will also make your identity more personal.

Lead – You know the most about you. Post, blog, take pictures, whatever it is do it with confidence. It shows, and the more confidence you have in yourself the more confidence people will have in you. Lead not only in your social media strategy but in your community as well. Really get involved, and show your audience. Not only will people support your involvement, but the more you work with your team, the stronger your mutual understanding will become.