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We have to agree with you on that.  Besides the seldom laugh from them, those hashtags are absolutely useless and take up content space.  But in order to understand how hashtags can help your business drive traffic, we need to understand what hashtags are.

In short,  the # symbol (hashtag)  is used to identify keywords or topics. Initially, hashtags were used in twitter to find topics or keywords of interest and who was “tweeting” about them.  Since then, most all social networks including twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest.

So now that we understand where #hashtags are used, lets determine how this might work nicely to driving traffic to your business and brand.

The most important thing about hashtags is understand what hashtags to use in order to direct people to your business.  How do we do that?  Here are just a few  sites that can greatly help you understand what hashtags are being used, popularity and more insight as to what will work well for you:

Here are some examples:

Are you writing a post on your social media sites about your insurance company?  You might want to use a hashtag like #insurance.  Or, if you want to get more specific, you  might create a hashtag such as #CTInsurance or #homeinsurance

You want to make sure that your hashtags are relative to your brand and identity but most importantly, the current topic you plan to use hashtags on.  When someone decides to find you, using hashtags, its critical that they are getting information they are hashtag hunting for.  Sometimes, businesses make mistakes by using the most used and popular hashtags in order to drive traffic.  This goes back to our earlier posts about driving traffic that is not of good quality.

Our suggestion?  Do your homework!  Use the sites we have listed above to guide you to utilize the right words.  Also, it never hurts to go on the social media sites you currently use and check out what others in your industry are doing!!

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