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{This video was created entirely with an iPhone 5}

Do you ever look at  your agency and wonder how you are going to start creating video’s for the agency?  There is no doubt, that the biggest hurdle is video creation.  The misconception is that video needs to be professional.

Do we want the videos to be professional? Absolutely.

Do we think you need to buy $10,000 worth of video equipment? Absolutely NOT.

As an independent agent, one of the greatest benefits and features of your agency is the community based feel with a small business structure.  In fact, it doesn’t matter how big or small you are, your audience is looking for a reason to connect with you.  All in all, it simply doesn’t matter if you make a large production or a personalized video, what matters is your MESSAGE.

People are two things: We are lazy and forgiving.

We are lazy in the senses that we prefer to watch videos over reading (This is a growing trend…so for those of you who still love to read, just know you are becoming the minority).

We as humans are also forgiving.  We understand that message is the meaning.  How many times have you watched a YouTube video that wasn’t professionally done?

We aren’t saying keep a professional message, view and idea….we are saying, don’t get hung up on the details of making the production.  Focus more on the voice of the message.