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Pretty much every agency owner, including myself, believes that we provide great customer service, but the fact is we don’t. If we did, we wouldn’t be human. With that in mind, my agency is focused not solely on customer service but rather on the entire customer experience.  We have incorporated an agency ‘Ten Commandments’ to follow in order for our agency to succeed:

1-Understand who is the boss- it’s not us, it’s our clients because they pay our salaries

2-Be a great listener. This can be very difficult but we need to become a great listener in order to provide a great customer experience

3-We must identify and anticipate the needs of our clients

4- Make the client feel important- all people want to feel important

5-Communicate the agency’s process: this maybe one of the most important parts of the process

6-Be the YES agency: help your clients as much as possible and make it easy for them

7-Don’t be AFRAID to say “I’m sorry.”  Apologize if you make a mistake or forget to do something. We are all human- people are OK with a mistake if we take the time to apologize.

8-Give your clients more than what they expect

9-Encourage feedback- the only way we as an agency can improve is with feedback from our clients and prospects

10-Treat employees well and make sure teammates respect one another. The work environment is very important

These are ten very important aspects to our agency, and I personally feel that every agency needs to share these with their staff. In a world that everyone is competing for the same business, we need to separate ourselves from other agencies and direct writers.