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The words “thank you” in today’s time are almost extinct. There is so much respect behind the words “thank you,” and I think today, respect isn’t what it was in the 1950’s. Recently I read an article in Rough Notes magazine that stated less than 7% of businesses actually thank their clients. That 7% is obviously an incredibly small number, and I can only imagine where it’s going to be five years from now. Since I started in the insurance world in 1998, I have continued the practice of writing a thank you card to every client that I’ve ever done business with. I firmly believe that this is a sign of respect and gratitude which I owe that prospect and/or client who gave me their time and/or their business.

With technology being what it is today, there are many ways of saying thank you. I’m going to share a few ways my agency says thank you to our clients and/or prospects, the first of which is through digital marketing. The system we have in place generates a thank you video from our agency for every client that we receive an email from. The second way we thank our clients and/or prospects is with a handwritten note card. The handwritten note card takes all of about two minutes to write but it absolutely sets you and your agency aside from the competition. Recently I purchased a business suit from a high-end department store, and after the purchase, the salesperson walked around the cash register and handed my bag to me and shook my hand while saying “I thank you for choosing to do business with me.” I found this gesture to be very interesting because not only did the salesperson walked around the cash register, but he looked me in the eye, shook my hand firmly, and said the words “thank you.”  I have to say, this moment left a significant impact on me. Saying thank you is a sign of respect, and I think we all can take the time to say those two simple words to show some respect for those who have chosen to do business with your agency.

 I thank you for reading this blog today.