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Whether you are a sales, service or product type of business, any prideful consumer will make at least a small attempt to understand your brand and identity better.  People who are passionate about a product will advertise any way they can.  It starts from the North Face jacket you’re wearing to the apple sticker on the back of your car; truth is, people want an emotional attachment to the brands and products they buy.

One arena that is as emotional and prideful as a specialty product is politics.  When my clients ask me about their social media campaigns and how to write certain posts or what to add photos of, I tell them, follow a politician.

Put politics aside, and look at the bigger picture:

You have a person running for office, making their social media and marketing campaigns as transparent as possible for you to better understand them.  Will you ever see a politician constantly trying to sell you? Always indirectly…and guess what?  Most people LOVE that.  If you only post regarding your product or service, with a upcoming sale over and over again, more likely than not, you’ll lose followers and turn off those that were once loyal.

Politicians (thanks to their awesome campaign managers and marketing advisers) have a nice way of allowing their presence into your daily social and digital leisure time without bothering you.  Granted I have always been involved with politics in some form or another, I notice more and more people enjoying what their legislatures and leaders are doing for these 3 major reasons:


1. Offering A Personal Glimpse:

Why do so many people care to follow celebrities on sites such as twitter?  Because we are all a little nosy.  Political figures give people the ability to see into their everyday life and at times go a bit further by posting a piece of personal content such as a family photo,  videos of an average day for them, etc.

2. One Click Away: The Feeling Of Being “Connected”

People love the idea that with one easy click, their message can go directly to the person that often felt untouchable.  Social media psychologically creates the friend/closeness feel.  Whether you are a business owner, celebrity or other public figure, this feature is important to your constituents and consumers.  Again, its all about bridging the gap while gaining more of a connection.

3. Consistent With Campaign And Vision

Like the golden rule that applies for social and digital marketing, their campaigns are as successful as the consistency of posts and content given to the public.  Good marketing advisers make the initial jump; Great marketing advisers keep the message and the voice consistent and often times, daily.

I will leave you with some final clips of some posts from figures I feel have been most successful with social media campaigns for their own campaign: