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If you ever do marketing for a company or business, even if its your own, one of the smartest things you can do is understand your own habits in order to understand your potential customers.  The biggest problem social media marketers and digital marketers have, is the  disconnect.

Google has and always will have the interest of the consumers at heart.  When someone comes to google for a question or information, Google wants their search results to give the consumer exactly what they are looking for.  In all reality, people will still test Google by going to another search engine.  So when web developers or marketers begin the campaign to have their company rank highly in the organic search results for queries matching what they are offering, they need to think of their consumer first, Google second.



Yes.  Google unveiled the Panda and Penguin updates in early 2011 with 300 updates (exaggeration there), so they can give the consumer and even better experience.  Who was hurt by this?  The companies who tried to manipulate Google’s algorithms and best practices by taking the easy route:

  • Quick, cheap and easy link building
  • Generated content
  • Keyword stuffing

Over the course of the past couple years, some websites and companies have scrambled to either fix their mistakes or are just feeling the latest results from yet another penguin/panda update.  So what is Google looking for?  Keep it simple: Natural Flowing Content.

Google wants your content to naturally flow, with the use of good quality, well written content.  They want to know that a consumer who searches for your content result will get the results and answers they are asking for.

What can we do as marketers?  We can get back to basics of creating good, quality, useful content for our consumers.  We aren’t saying get rid of your keywords research, in fact, we aren’t saying that at all.  What we are saying is that to your benefit, you don’t have to do any keyword stuffing at all, yet still rank very high in Google if you re-think the way you create content.

Link building?  NATURALLY.  Look at link building as building relationships with other web presences that are a good fit for your company and content, but also a relationship that can help you and vice verse.  While finding good, rich quality links is no easy task, its no longer about quality over quantity.


If you have been consistent in your content sharing, great.  Keep it up!  Begin, however, thinking of your consumer.  Get natural in your writing, link building and philosophy or online marketing.  While our tips here will surely take more time, we truly believe that as Google continues to update their search and algorithms, we are on the right path as to making the user experience that much more efficient.

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