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When I talk about “Winner”, I mean people who tend to be successful in their insurance agency or that they take on in life. Obviously, they will experience failures too (if you never fail you will never win), but over all, they tend to be a winner.

1. Take Action
The first step is always the most difficult.  One of the first characteristics that we often find in winners is they’re  willingness to take action to solve any given problem. Even prior to that, they acknowledge that there is a problem. Too many people will complain about a problem, and blame it on someone else. Since it is someone else’s fault, they should fix it (not me). It is easier to complain than to take action and do something about it myself.

2. Passion
Nothing significant gets done by just thinking that it would be nice to do or to have someday. To be a winner, you must focus on the prize and be committed to accomplishing the hurdles to get it. There will be many things that discourage you. Failures and ‘knock-downs’ will challenge your resolve. Passion is what will get you through to eventual victory. Without passion we will never succeed at anything


3. Be Teachable
If you know everything already then there is no need to grow or improve. If you recognize the need to learn more – about everything – then you are teachable. This is an ATTITUDE. It is a desire to always learn and always improve.

That is the only way to be a winner.

4. Be Willing to Stand Alone
A winner is often alone. It may be because they are hard at work practicing while others are watching TV. It may be because they are following their own vision for success rather than following the crowd. Because of their passion and willingness to take action, they already stand out from the crowd. They have to feel OK about that. Soon they will be alone at the head of their class or their business.

5. Love People
A winner will rarely be the person who avoids other people at all cost. The winner enjoys people. Even if he/she is an introvert, he/she will recognize that he/she can never succeed on her own. She/he understands that the gifts and inputs of other people will make his/her a better person. The winner will develop an attitude of caring for other people – both those who have few resources, and those who have more. His/Her love will win people over and help him/her in their challenges too.

These are just a sampling of some of the characteristics of winners. Hopefully, we can look at these and identify some that are a part of us, and some that we can strive to improve. That is all a part of how to be a winner. It means always moving on toward the goal. And never ever forget you will never become a winner without failing so never put your head down when you fail.

Pick yourself up and continue to move forward towards your goal!