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Vine is a social media platform, which is owned by twitter (Vine will help with your agencies SEO).


  • Vine allows you to create and capture six seconds of video at a time using a stop and go capture method.
  • This method makes the creation of mixed videos quick and easy usually created with a smart phone.
  • Vine offers the ability to create a unique marketing opportunity for your agency through the creation of short video.


The Pros and Cons To Vine


Because vine is only six seconds long the pros are that fine encourages creativity. When creating a vine video you need to think fast be extremely creative and have the ability to present the information you would like to share in a short amount of time.


A pro of Vine is that it is embedded directly into tweets and easily transferred over to the Facebook platform.


Vine videos are extremely easy to make and share through social media avenues.


Although Vine has many pros it does have some cons such as only having the ability to be six seconds long. In order to create a fine video you need to be extremely creative, or else the video can be awfully boring. Another con is that you can only use a handful of words in your vine video.


How we at Paradiso insurance use Vine is to create a brand through our videos. We demonstrate our services provided, new developments within our brand, and respond to customer’s feedback. A couple other great ways you can use Vine within your insurance agency is to say hello, introduce yourself or to offer any social media contests that you may be having on your social media platforms. With Vine make sure that your agency is being extremely creative and to the point or else you will not have a great deal of success. Happy branding