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Having a successful marketing strategy within my agency requires learning from my mistakes. When we learn from these mistakes, we grow as a business, and it is absolutely crucial for our business to continue in its learning and growing.  I wanted to share with you a few lessons I have learned that have helped my business grow.

 First, your Facebook fan page should not have postings that only revolve around you. Remember, social media is not about you, it’s all about them. Some examples of postings that you should incorporate are: stories about people in your community who have done great things or community events that may be upcoming. People do not like to listen others who just talk about themselves.

 Second of all, don’t overwhelm your audience with insurance information. Recently, I was looking over some of my competitors and found one business talking about BOP policies. Let me ask you a question: do you think anybody really cares that you have a new BOP policy, or do you even think anybody even understands what that policies is? Stick to your community involvement for your Facebook fan page.

Lastly, if someone comments on what your agency posts, do not ignore them. Comment back and ‘like’ their comment as well.  Ignoring your audience will lead to failure not only on Facebook but on all social platforms. Remember social media is not about YOU!

 In order to have a successful Facebook fan page, I personally feel that you need to avoid these three concepts we’ve discussed. If you avoid these mistakes, I personally feel that your agency’s Facebook page will be better off. Remember, stay positive and focused when posting because you’re branding your agency on the web for everyone to see. Happy Facebooking!