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  1. Create text based content

Creation of new content will help fuel your brand and increase exposure in the world of Google.  So what kind of content should you agency be producing?  Great question. Each agency is different because it comes down to what your agency wants to write.   Make sure that you are writing content around your target market.   For example, I have a friend who wants to write more  non- standard auto policies in Massachusetts. If that’s his goal, he needs to write content that people looking for non standard auto insurance want to read.  He could write about bad driving records, driving violations such as DWI/DUI, or reckless driving but he should avoid producing content on home insurance.  Since his 98% of business comes from non-standard auto he should focus on what he specializes in.  Other content would be less meaningful to his audience.


  1. Create visual content

Visual content encompasses all types of content marketing that are based on visual elements.  This includes videos, comics, infographics, images and more.  “Why visual content?” you may ask. It’s simple, people learn best from visuals and it’s what people want to see.  According to MDG Advertising, when articles contain relevant images they will get 94% more views on average than articles that do not contain images ( ).  Visuals are the content of today, don’t get left behind!