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  Often I hear people compare app versus mobile friendly, but really it’s like comparing apples to oranges. An app is used predominantly for existing clients and for that personal type of interaction, whereas a mobile friendly site is used for the purpose of generating prospects and new clients. With a mobile friendly site, it needs to be properly SEO’d and have a call to action in order for it to be successful for your agency.    Recently I have been working on the creation of an app for my insurance agency, but the key point of creating this APP is to help our clients get better service from our agency. Many apps out there in the insurance industry are not apps that I find to be helpful. When creating our app, I was very conscientious in making sure that we are creating the ultimate experience for our clients. We needed to make an app that made sense, which clients will want to download. I personally feel we need to give our clients three reasons to want to download an app. First, you need to create the ultimate customer experience which is giving your clients great service at the time of a claim. The second is giving the client the ability to touch their mobile phone and be able to pay their insurance bill instantaneously, and third, giving the clients a one touch system to reach out to us either by phone and/or by email.

What To Consider When Building A Mobile App

 If your agency is going to create an app, make sure you first and foremost find out what your clients really want out of an app because without that no one is going to download it and it will turn into a large waste of money. An app is much different than mobile friendly websites. Let me explain the difference: an app is an application for your mobile phone tablet which gives you instant access to a relative site, where as a mobile friendly site is a website that has been set up to be friendly to you in the way you use it on mobile devices. Moving forward in the insurance industry, I feel there is a huge need for both a mobile friendly website and an app.     The first thing your agency should work on is a mobile friendly website, and that’s because it’s a necessity with the amount of mobile searches that are taking place on a daily basis. Over the last 90 days, my agency has had over 67% of its internet leads come in through mobile devices. The cost of taking your agency’s website and moving it into a user-friendly site is very minimal; in most cases it’s less than $150 onetime fee. Once you’ve accomplished having a mobile friendly site, then it’s time to move on to app. When moving forward on your app, make sure when you create it that it has a built-in form of communication. Interaction is key to any app. When looking in the insurance business for an insurance app, take the time to look at Blue I, they specialize in apps just for insurance agencies.