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Well, it’s halfway through the 2018 year, and million dollar question is where do your insurance agency’s numbers stand? If you don’t know, that’s a big problem, but this article can help you get a bit organized.

If you do know, I have to ask, are you meeting your numbers or are you behind?

If you are ahead, what does that mean for the next mean for the next 5 to 6 months? I advise that you pick it up! Many people get ahead, but when half of the game is still ahead of you, you need to understand what your next move is. To get and stay ahead, I suggest you analyze what’s worked very well in your marketing and hit that hard. For example, our team has had great success with Pinterest. Its social platform has brought in so many opportunities to our insurance agency. Therefore, we’ve decided to double down on our Pinterest strategy.

If you are behind, I advise that you analyze what didn’t work well. At our insurance agency, we put money into Instagram to drive profit through our marketing tactics, only to realize it wasn’t working. We then stopped putting money into Instagram, changed our visual content strategy, and put that money into Facebook instead. Why Facebook? Because we have much more success there, and discovered that our audience engages with us more often and frequently on Facebook compared to other social networks.

We all must be willing to embrace change when it comes to a successful marketing strategy. Look at all of the companies who refused to change their strategy and unfortunately, ended up closing for good. Don’t be the next Blockbuster. Don’t settle, be better than you were yesterday.

Happy marketing, and remember to embrace change.