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As I travel around the country speaking, I ask, “what is your agency’s number one issue?”, and no matter where I am, I always receive the same answer- hiring. With the lack of people looking to set into the insurance world, the biggest mistake we can make is to hire the wrong person. With that being said, I have put together a list of traits we must avoid:

1. Disrespectful Attitude

A disrespectful attitude is number one on my list because when you hire a new team member who has disrespectful traits or behaviors, it affects your whole team. One rotten apple, rots the rest.

Several examples of disrespect are: if other teammates are poorly spoken to, if a poor attitude is portrayed to you as the agency owner, ignoring processes and procedures, and showing disrespect to the clients of your insurance agency.

Disrespect has no place in your insurance agency. Therefore, be sure to take action if a new team member displays disrespectful behaviors.

2. Unable to Handle Feedback

Constrictive criticism is an important way to shine light on a teammate’s strengths and weaknesses. Feedback can help an individual grow, and sustains a proper workflow among teammates. However, if a new hire cannot handle feedback on their performance, chances are you’re in trouble. My advice is to let them go, move on, and move on quickly.

3. Values Self Over the Team

When hiring a new teammate, you must look for team players, not individuals only looking out for themselves. Look for, and hire people who embrace team culture over individualized needs.

This is because if you hire teammates who hold a higher value of self over the team, your insurance agency will suffer.

4. Cannot Represent Your Insurance Agency

Many may dismiss this belief, but image really is everything. Your team is a direct representation of your insurance agency, and if a teammate cannot stand by or represent your insurance agency’s brand in a positive way, it’s time to let them go.

These are the four characteristics that should be avoided when looking for the right teammate to add to your insurance agency. However, we are all human and make mistakes. If you realize you have hired the wrong teammate, please hire slow and fire fast.

Happy Hiring.