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    1.  Social media and the digital world is not “real” and cannot be not genuine.

Interactions in the digital world may not hold the same quality as person to person communication; however, this does not mean these interactions mean nothing. They can actually mean a whole lot. Just because you are exchanging messages with someone through technology, that doesn’t devalue what is being said. Life can get hectic, and there isn’t always time to interact with people in person, especially if they are far away. Social media is a great way to stay in touch with people, especially when it comes to your small business. In terms of your small business, interactions though social media have many benefits. When you interact though social media you are not only speaking with one other person but, if your posts are public, you are also sharing your thoughts with a number of users. When people see engagement (even if it’s not with them) they hold value to that and you become more credible in their eyes. Social media for your small business is also beneficial in the way that you can access many people at one time at one place. If you have something you’d like to share with your audience about your small business, you can be sure that your message is reaching many people at one time. The digital world can hold a genuine quality, if you allow it to. It is up to you to engage, show people real things you are doing in real time, and show them what you truly stand for.


    2.  Social Media is a waste of time.

The world of social media is always growing and it’s here to stay. If you invest time into using social media as part of your marketing strategy, you WILL see results. Part of getting these results is tracking them. There are many different tools available to track the effectiveness of your posts, which in turn will help you gauge what and when you will post again for the best possible results. The grass will be greener where you water it, so why not water it where you have a huge audience just waiting for you to show them what you have to offer. As you gain confidence in your social media strategies, and show people what you’re all about, you will also be able to gain insight on others. What does this mean for you? It means being able to “keep up” with your audience, in terms of their daily life and interests, so you can better relate to them. Another advantage of using social media for your small business is that it is much cheaper than traditional marketing. Social media is made for businesses, and there are many affordable ways to use it to the fullest.


     3. Social Media is too difficult for me to understand.

We know, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the internet. But trust us when we say, looks are deceiving. Daily posting is a breeze, and even with just basic knowledge you can post effectively. If you would rather not personally get involved with social media, you could always hire an in-office marketing person. The reason why we specify “in-house” is because this person (unlike a marketing firm) is able to really see your agency for what it is, unlike a marketing firm that markets for other agencies and will not be able to give your marketing that personal touch. Someone in-house is ideal for social media marketing and can more effectively and consistently show your audience why you are different; they are there, so they know!


Using social media for marketing has countless benefits and will open up many new doors and opportunities for your small business. Don’t get stuck in a standstill, because if you do, overtime prospects will choose your competitors over you. How could this happen?  Simple.  The demographic of your prospects, inevitability, changes over time. You were once able to use traditional marketing to gain your [current] customers, because then, it’s what worked. Now however, you must adapt to appeal to a new audience, the audience that is going to keep your small business alive and growing.

So don’t let these common misconceptions stand in the way of maximizing the potential of your small business.  Let social media work for you as you tell your story, share ideas and stories with your audience, save time and money, and gain insight and understanding.